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Shower Enclosures

Kohler - Creative engineering provides ingenius design to your luxury bathroom. At Kohler we strive for natural perfection. All we create is perfectly adapted to deliver the ultimate showering experience, simply and beautifully. With Kohler you are showered in luxury. When you first touch a Kohler product you'll notice something different, it feels solid.That solidity, that strength, is an ideal pursued through everything we do.


Aqata - All Aqata shower enclosures are made in the UK and handcrafted from the finest materials for those who appreciate quality, design and attention to detail. Whether your preference is for contemporary or classic styles Aqata's extensive portfolio will provide you with choice of style and function.


Merlyn - At Merlyn we are continuously building on our reputation for creating the most innovative, contemporary, stylish and luxurious showering environments in the world.  We work exclusively with leading Bathroom retailers throughout the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe to offer you an exceptional customer experience when purchasing your new shower enclosure.